Insta360 One X OBX Video

Outer Banks 360 Video

I love the Outer Banks (OBX)!  I visit every chance I can and hope to retire there someday.  On my last visit I took a stroll on the beach in Kitty Hawk and shot video with my brand new Insta360 One X camera.  I purchased the Bullet Kit from the Apple Store the month before and shot a few things.  It took a little time getting use to editing the photos and videos.  I shot video at Carousel Park and shot some photos while looking for a new office building.  I watched a bunch of YouTube videos discussing best practices for editing a video.  My favorite is using my spinning office chair to choose the video shots.  I have a few complaints that I’m sure will be resolved:

  • Have the accessories for us to purchase (Venture case, Drifter, Remote).
  • Enable import of videos from One X camera into MacBook Pro using the USB C port.  Don’t make me upload to a Windows PC or save the video to Photos and then AirDrop to my MacBook Pro.
  • Plugins for FinalCut Pro

The video below was shot on the Insta360 One X and edited in FinalCut Pro.  I used the One X LUT without further adjustments.

Humor Video

Hero Theme

Today my family heard my theme song after I fixed the power recliner, and I would like to share that song with you.

Apple Motion 5 Video

Loading Spring 2018 Template

I love you, Winter.  However, it’s time for you to go.

This is my fabulous left-aligned pullquote.


Apple Motion 5 Video

Spooky People

Trying out something I learn off a Youtube tutorial by Simon Ubsdell.

GoPro Video

Quick Stop at Delaware City

American Holidays Video

Happy Halloween – 2013

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe.

Read by Christopher Walken.

Illustrations by Ryan Price.


Today is Thorsday

Workout with one of your favorite heroes.


Hill Valley Mod for GTA 4

I was never a GTA fan.  It’s a fun game game to play when i visit my friends, but I don’t own a copy for my PC.  However, this mod of Hill Valley from the Back to the Future series is awesome!  It is almost tempting to purchase a copy for my PC.


Here is the link to the youtube channel for the clip, disclaimer information, and credits to other mod makers.

Android Geek Stuff Humor Video

Updated Video for Unboxing the nexus 7

OK… Whatever works to unbox your new Nexus 7.

And it only took a few seconds!

Geek Stuff Humor Video

Montage Video of Nexus 7 Unboxing

I originally saw this at CultofMac, and it was a day brightener.  Reminds me of TV and movie goofs.