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My New iPad

After 2 years of shopping around for tablets, I finally purchased an iPad 3 aka The New iPad.

I was going to mention what took me so long to purchase the iPad, but it is a boring story about saving money, looking at tablets at least once a month, reading blogs about with everyone’s opinion, and just waiting for the tablet that had all the right features. For a few months, I thought the Asus Transformer 201 was the right device. Nvidia quad core processor, Ice-cream sandwich for the OS, and the optional keyboard to “transform” into a netbook.

New iPad
New iPad (Photo credit: sidduz)

But when I compared the iPad 3 to the Transformer 201, I felt the iPad was a better tablet. Yes, the iPad was more expensive, but over the last year I was becoming more use to the IOS interface, providing support for iPhones and iPads at work, and I really like my iPod. I have also noticed when I need to check my personal email away from home, or look at the calendar, I usually went to the iPod over my Android phone. Plus my Android phone needs to be replaced. Too many lock ups with apps, and I have to reboot it once a day.

I love my new iPad! I have used it every day for the last week for work and home. I take it to work and use Evernote to take notes of computers that I’m working on, use AIM app to keep in touch with colleagues and friends, listen to music, and attend web meetings with AT&T Connect. Plus several customers at work have made suggestions on apps and other accessories. I purchased a case at called the Bear Motion, in black. The case props up the iPad at a good angle for typing (writing this post on the iPad now), and for video calls using FaceTime.

I don’t have any major issues or complaints about the iPad. I do want to find a good office suite for the iPad, and it would be nice if Microsoft would realse a version of Office for the iPad. I know Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are available. I had several colleagues recommend Documents To Go as an option. However, after all these years of trying different office suites, nothing compares to Microsoft Office. It is a standard, and I’m familiar with the programs.

I would recommend the iPad to anyone, but i also tell people to look at all the options. They might like an Android or Windows tablet over the iPad. Maybe picking up the iPad 2 would be a better option for someone instead.

Now, let’s see if I can figure out how to upload a few screenshots I made last week using the WordPress app.

Lock screen for my iPad. Feels like a Star Trek Univerise
Second home screen from march 31st
Home screen from April 7th.
LogMeIn Windows XP

Remote Support Using LogMeIn to Resolve an Outlook Express Problem

The last several days, my brothers and I kept receiving a ton of strange e-mails from my Mom. These messages were coming in small chunks of 62 k in size, totalling 48 individual messages. At first I blew it off think my Mom sent something by mistake. We kept receiving these messages (all 48 of them) twice a day for three days. So I sent an e-mail to my brothers telling them I would fix her PC.

I live about 5 hours driving time away from my parents; so making a quick stop to see what’s wrong, get a free meal, and have a little chat is not an option. So I had my Mom do a little trouble shooting for me with the directions I gave her over the phone. No problems found. While we were troubleshooting, I asked Mom a few questions about this issue; when did this start happening, did one of your friends send you some spam or a virus, were your friends experiencing the same problem as you.  All of her friends are having the same problem as my brothers and I.  What I needed to do was sit in front of the PC try a few things and see what I can do.  I tried to run Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection, but it would not connect even though Mom enabled it for me.

Then I remember a tool my friend told me about called LogMeIn. Setting up an account only took a few minutes. After going through the e-mail verification, I had my Mom connect to the LogMeIn website, gave her my username and password (temp password that I am not using anywhere), and install the local client software. Since I was using Windows XP to help trouble shoot her problems, I used Internet Explorer to connect and take control of her PC.

I had Symantec Client Security conduct a full scan and then opened her e-mail application. The first test was sending a small text only message to myself. E-mail received correctly. So then I sent an e-mail with a 1.5 MB attachment. Bingo! Outlook Express stated it was going to break apart the message into 62k chunks, do I want to proceed. NO!!!! Since I didn’t know where to find the settings quickly, I Googled “Outlook Express break apart messages larger than” and found plenty of web sites to correct the problem. Here are the steps to resolve this issue:

  • From the Menu bar in Outlook Express, select Tools then Accounts
  • Click the mail account and then the Properties button on the right
  • Click the Advance tab
  • Under Sending, remove the check mark from “Break apart messages large than…”
  • Click the OK button and then click the Close button.

I sent three e-mails over 10 MB in size to myself as a test.  All messages arrived as they should. I disabled Remote Desktop Connection before disconnecting.

Somethings I noticed about using LogMeIn.  Although I can connect from with Ubuntu Linux using Firefox, many features were not available to me;  turning off the client wallpaper (even though it was checked), the screen refresh was painfully slow, and I could not get the remote connection to open in a new window or tab.  This might be due to the fact LogMeIn uses ActiveX.  However while writing this blog I found something that I might try out regarding using Linux with LogMeIn.  Running the same software under Windows was a completely different experience.  Everything worked as it should.

I like this product and would recommend it to anyone who needs to connect remotely.