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Fixed Fading Issue for HP2605 (again)

About a month ago I ran out of black toner (124A if your shopping for replacement cartridges) and was thinking about getting rid of the printer.  I have not used it as much over the last year or so.  However, I decided to keep the printer to print worksheets for Boy Scout merit badges and […]

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Installed Linux Mint 8 64bit

Linux Mint 8 on Sager NP8690

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Setting up New Notebook Computer with Windows 7 I mean Ubuntu I mean Windows 7

Setting up New Notebook Computer with Windows 7 I mean Ubuntu I mean Windows 7

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New Notebook Ordered

Yesterday I ordered my new notebook from  I was originally going to purchase the Serval Professional from, but I wanted to look to see if there was a better PC or if it was on sale.  I soon learned Clevo manufactures the notebook I wanted and provides this notebook to retailers who re-brand […]

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Upgrading to Ubuntu 9.10

Upgrading to Ubuntu 9.10

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BT Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop – Server

Using a BT client to get Ubtunu 9.10 Desktop – Server

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New Model Line?

Purchasing a System 76 Serval Professional at end of month

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Moved from Evolution to Thunderbird

Migrating from Evolution to Thunderbird in Ubuntu Linux

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Outlook 2007 and the picture placeholder

Outlook 2007 and the pictureplaceholder frustration

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Reinstall Ubuntu 9.04

Wipe out Ubuntu 9.04 configured with the ext3 filesystem and reinstall Ubuntu 9.04 using ext4 filesystem.