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Firefox 5 Available for Ubuntu

Today I ran Update Manager on my Ubuntu 11.04 notebook and saw Firefox 5.  No PPas to install, just an easy upgrade.

  • From the Keyboard, press Super+a (Windows key and the letter a)
  • Type in update manager in the search field and click on the icon
  • You should see something about Firefox 5 with any other updates
  • Install the updates and wait

With my other updates tonight, I waited about 2 minutes before I can run Firefox 5.  I can only hope the Thunderbird upgrade will be as easy.


Firefox Internet Browsers

Firefox 4.0

Today I installed Firefox 4.0 on my Windows 7 x64 Enterprise work computer.  One feature that I am interested in is Firefox Sync.  I like the Google Sync with Chrome, it works flawlessly between Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.10.

I grabbed a screen shot of when I completed my download of Firefox 4.  I doubt I’ll do much with it over the next day or so since I’m not feeling well.

Firefox Download Stats on March 22nd about 4:15PM
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Google Chrome 5 on my Ubuntu PC

A while ago I wrote about Google Chrome on my Windows 7 on my work and home PCs.  This week I installed Google Chrome 5 on all my PCs.  What made me install Chrome?  A full supported version for Linux.  Just download and install the .deb file.  The even have a x64 version too.

I decided to make Google Chrome my default browser on my Ubuntu 10.04 x64 notebook.  I had to modify Thunderbird 3.04 to run Google Chrome.  I will admit it’s fast.  Faster than Firefox on my computer.  Still there is the issue with unlimited cache files on my computer.  I guess i can remember to clean it out once in a while.   Maybe I can find a script to clean out the files every 30 days.

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No Size Limit on Google Chrome

Yesterday I was talking with another colleague about Google Chrome and why he won’t use it anymore.


Of course I was skeptical with that statement, but his HDD was running out of space – fast.  On my Windows 7 computer I checked Google Chrome on my PC and I’m using about 350MB of cache.  Well, that’s a drop in the bucket on a 160GB HDD, but left unchecked, I can see it growing to several GB in no time.  Nowhere can I find an option to set the size limit of my cache folder.  I checked IE 8 and Firefox 3.5.3 and both can be configured to any size I want.  My cache settings for both browsers is set for 50MB.

The same can be said on my Ubuntu PC.  I can’t set a cache size limit in Google Chrome.  I can set the cache size of Firefox 3.5.2 and Opera 10.10 to 50MB each.

Why would Google want me to fill my HDD with Internet cache?  Do they want me to remember empty my cache on every time I start or close Chrome.  This is a basic function of every browser that I’ve used.  Talk about poor programming or short-sightedness on their part.