Company Business Trip in 2023

I am on another business trip! This week I am in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Since it is off season (January), the rates are very reasonable. I have book a room with an ocean view.

I am meeting most of my colleagues from the IT department this week. Tonight I get to meet the CEO and then we are off to dinner.

The drive was only 5 hours from Wilmington, Delaware. Most of the drive was cloudy and didn’t rain until I was in Virginia. Depending on how the week goes and if I check out early enough on Saturday, I might drive to the Outer Banks (OBX) and then head home on Sunday.


I was not able to drive to the Outer Banks over the weekend, but during the week I took more pictures from my hotel room. I was able to find time on Friday to walk the beach for an hour and then shop at the souvenir store for some gifts for the family.

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Company Business Trip

I work in the IT department for a great company. I like working for them even on the rough days. Rough days can be brutal. However, this is not a post about the rough days. I was able to attend a Face to Face meeting at Omni Amelia Island Resort in sunny Florida. Fantastic! I get to leave the cold dreary winter in Wilmington, Delaware and fly to sunny and warm Jacksonville, Florida. I wore a light winter jacket for my trip and brought a sweatshirt, but I didn’t think I was going to wear that. Well I was wrong.

The night temperature dropped to the low 30’s and only one day did it reach 70 degrees for lunch. My margarita on Monday night did not melt while sitting outside near the beach. I had to move close to the fire pit. The constant wind shift kept me from staying too warm. On Tuesday I needed a light jacket for a walk during lunch around the grounds. I will admit, the weather was still better at Amelia Island than Wilmington.

Like many, I gained some weight for COVID and I’ve been trying to lose the weight. Any weight I lost was put back on during that week in Florida. The food and service was amazing. Lots of unique snacks prepared by a professional chef and staff. There are so many things to do at the resort. I want to go back with my family for a week of relaxation.

The flight down and back went off with almost no problems. I slept on the flight down and watched See on Apple TV Season 2, episode 1 coming back to Philadelphia. And landing in Philadelphia is where my problems started. Why do I have to wait almost an hour for my checked bag to be dropped off at baggage claim? I’ve never had this problem at any other airport. Are all my return flights in the middle of a shift change?