Dell Dimension 8200

This device was recycled.

Purchased 01/xx/2002


Intel P4 1.89 GHz

400 MHz Front Side Bus

512 MB Ram (RamBus type) Updated to 768 MB.

80 GB Western Digital HDD

80 GB maxtor HDD (added in 2004 for Linux OS)

64 MB Nivida GForce2 video card

Iomega 250 MB drive (disconnected in 2005)

CD Burner (not sure of speed)

CD/DVD RW (purchased 2005 and select as primary optical drive)

Dell 19″ glass tube monitor

Dell 2.1 Surrand Sound speakers

Update: 06/04/2009

Here is the bootchart for the above PC.  I reinstalled Ubutnu 9.04 as per this post.

bootchart from my home PC
bootchart from my home PC