Band Hero / Lego Rock Band for Wii

For Christmas, my family received from “Santa” Band Hero and Lego Rock Band for the Wii.  Of course the kids were excited about reciving these gifts Christmas morning.  While breakfast was cooking, I hooked everything up and made sure Band Hero was working.

My son and I spent hours playing Band Hero taking turns between the guitar and drums.  I tried the mic to see if worked.  I swear I heard the Wii complain about my lack of singing skills.  I guess that’s OK, because I know I don’t have a voice for singing.

Today I wanted to try Lego Rock Band for the Wii.  The guitar was working well but I problems with the drums.  I could not get the red drum to work at all.  The red drum is the snare drum and is also the back or cancel button for the game.  Without it, it is impossible for Lego Rock Band to work correctly.

I checked the Internet to see if others were having problems with the red drum like too.  It turns out the drum set will work (minus the orange cymbal)  as long as you have the Wii remote installed correctly into the drum system.  I thought, “I have it installed correctly.  How else would I be able to play drums on Band Hero already.”  The key for me was to remove the wrist strap from the remote before installing it into the drum system.  Now I can play the drums on Lego Rock Band with no problems.

I created a Lego character and formed a band called Chicken Wizards (random name the game picked for me.)  I played 2 gigs, and several practice sessions with the drums and guitar.  It’s a lot of fun and before I knew it, it was after 2:00PM and I’ve still haven’t started my chores.

I would recommend both games for anyone with some music skills.  If you are lacking in musical talent, just set the instrument for Beginner and you can still join in the fun.  For New Year’s I we are having some family and friends over.  I’m sure the new Wii games will be a big hit.

While I was writing this post, my son was sitting down here in the game room singing Mr. Roboto by Styx.

Opera Browser for the Wii

Tonight I was reading some of my favorite sites, one of them being  They had a story about Nintendo now allowing you to download the Internet Channel for free on the Wii.  The browser is Opera which includes Flash Lite 3.1.  So I gave it a shot and it wasn’t too bad.  It will be several years IMHO before it would replace a browser on a PC, but for the most part I was able to view this site with the YouTube video links, look at the pictures I took  at the circus, and search on Google.  I tried to read a PDF but received an error stating it could not open it – unsupported file format or something.

Since I don’t have a Wii keyboard, I had to use the remote to point to each letter on the screen keyboard to enter a url.

Here is the story from Neowin.