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Beta Testing Spark Mail App on Mac

So I signed up to beta test Spark Mail App for Mac.  I like the app for iOS.  Really can’t say much about it since it is not installed.

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Busy IT Month

Busy month with home PC installing VMs, Ubuntu, Windows 7, Windows Vista, RHEL, TweetDeck

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Google Chrome 5 on my Ubuntu PC

Installed Google Chrome on Ubuntu and Windows 7

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Setting up New Notebook Computer with Windows 7 I mean Ubuntu I mean Windows 7

Setting up New Notebook Computer with Windows 7 I mean Ubuntu I mean Windows 7

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Thunderbird 3

Like many out there, I migrated from Thunderbird 2.23 or whatever version came with Ubuntu 9.10 to Thunderbird 3 the day it was released.  The upgrade went painlessly for the most part.  I also installed Thunderbird on my Linux Mint 8 USB jump drive.  I really enjoy this new version, and must say it’s about […]

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Moved from Evolution to Thunderbird

Migrating from Evolution to Thunderbird in Ubuntu Linux

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Outlook 2007 and the picture placeholder

Outlook 2007 and the pictureplaceholder frustration


Templates in Evolution – Update

Well it turns out Evolution does have a template feature in version 2.26.1.  Here are the steps to create the templates: Create a new e-mail. Give it a Subject (this is also the name of the template.) Modify the body of the e-mail, include and special signatures. fig 1 From the menu bar, click File, […]


Templates in Evolution

I moved everything over from Windows XP to Ubuntu, and finished getting most of everything migrated from Outlook to Evolution.  I have to admit, I am still working out some personal issues with it, but that’s another topic. When I used Outlook, I had several templates created.  One for jokes to everyone, another for jokes […]

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Happy Birthday G-mail

G-mail is 5 years old today!  I use G-mail with Evolution in Ubuntu using IMAP.  It works well, and I even searched for a script (which someone else wrote) to add calendar entries in Evolution to sync with G-mail.  Too bad I can’t access my G-mail from work.