Replacement Battery for iPhone 6S

Last week I found out my iPhone 6S was part of a group of phones manufactured between September – October 2015 with a faulty battery which caused the phone to shutoff.  (iPhone 6s Program for Unexpected Shutdown Issues).  My phone didn’t have that problem.  Instead, the battery would drain quickly and I would need the charger around 2:00PM.  I did remove some of the applications that might have drained the battery so quickly, and was planning on doing a reset of the phone during Christmas season.  However, a free replacement battery is usually a good thing.

I made my appointment for last Saturday.  The guy assigned to me from the Genius Bar ran diagnostics and asked some questions about my phone and why I thought the battery needed to be replaced.  He told me my battery had a maximum capacity of 84% after 14 months of use.  We verified the phone’s serial number and placed an order for a new battery.  Now we wait…


Light Painting

I picked up a copy of a book called; “GoPro: How To Use The GoPro Hero 4 Silver” by Jordan Hetrick. Under the section titled Night Photo, Jordan talked about Light Painting. So I stopped at a store and purchased glow sticks and a glow bounce ball and had my son come out with me to try it out. We had fun and it worked great!

“Inspired” Kevin MacLeod (
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