April Challenge – 2018

Tonight I earned my April Challenge while on a practice hike.  We also spotted a few deer, a small red fox, and a friendly Yellow Labrador Retriever.


Apple AirPods Battery Levels

I was skeptical when Apple released the AirPods back in December 2016.  I purchased the AirPods to work with my new Apple Watch Series 3, and the AirPods have worked very well except for a few minor times when Bluetooth would cut out (but I think that’s an iPhone 6S problem).

I wish I could figure out why the batteries in my AirPods show different levels.  I would be OK with it if the difference was within 3% of each pod, but not 12%.


Maybe it’s because I double tap the right pod more than the left?

Created new Facebook Profile Video Pics using FCPX

The other day I was looking for some new ideas for videos I make for my son’s Boy Scout troop, and I received an email from Pixel Film Studios about a new plug-in called ProFreez Comic for Final Cut Pro.  Well the luck of the Irish was smiling down on me, everything was 25% off for St. Patrick’s Day!  I ended up purchasing ProFreez Comic and ProFreeze Spatter.

So I created a test clip using a few selfies from my camping trips this year.  I kept the clips at 5 seconds, changed the duration of the plug-in to just a few seconds, and saved to my Photo Library.  Using my iPhone, I changed my Facebook profile to the video clips below ( I ended up keeping version 2).  The music clip is not available in Facebook profiles.



Examples from Pixel Film Studios

ProFreez Comic


Profreez Splatter