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Goodbye Comcast Home Phone

It is not with great sadness that I say goodbye to my Comcast Home Phone service.  The service was good, in fact, I can only think of two-time the service was out, and that was due to traffic accidents.  The only people who called the home phone was my parents and telemarketers.  I have a hard time justifying the price of the phone service and the monthly rental of the modem to receive calls from people I didn’t know.

The Arris cable modem that Comcast had me rent for a very long time. It was a good device, but it is no longer needed.

Now all I have is Internet service from Comcast.  I dumped cable television about 1.5 years ago, and nobody in the house misses it.  We watch Netflix and a few things on Apple TV.  Someday I’ll install a HD antenna in the attic for local channels.

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Apple Event for Sept 2012

Soon my original Motorola Android will be replaced with an iPhone 5.  I might have to work from home that day to check out the event.

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Updated Video for Unboxing the nexus 7

OK… Whatever works to unbox your new Nexus 7.

And it only took a few seconds!

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Upgraded iMac and Diablo 3

I’ve been using the iMac constantly since I bought it.  It has replaced my Sager Core i7 as my primary computer.  About a week ago I upgraded the RAM to 12GB so I could play Team Fortress 2 and Diablo 3.  Oh and the memory upgrade also helped with running the Windows 7 Enterprise virtual machine I need for work.

So let’s talk about the memory upgrade process.  According to Apple, the most RAM my 2011 Core i5 iMac can upgrade to was 8GB.  I really had a hard time believing this.  I can see 32GB being a maximum.  So I started looking into going beyond the 8GB limit.  Normally I purchase memory from, but several colleagues mention looking at   The Crucial website had an option to scan my computer for the exact match.  So I downloaded the zip file and extracted  The information will open in your default web browser.

I can upgrade the AM to a maximum of 32GB.  WOOT!!  I scaled the WOOT back after checking the price for a 16GB kit.  So I went with a 8GB kit to bring the total system RAM to 12GB.  The price seemed fair, and Crucial is a trusted company.  I received the memory within a few days and installation occurred shortly after dinner.

The five character classes of Diablo III. L-R ...
The five character classes of Diablo III. L-R Wizard, witch doctor, demon hunter, barbarian and monk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The link Crucial provided for video directions were for a Dell GX desktop computer.  FAIL!!  The correct directions are located on Apple’s Support web site.  However, the web site also states the maximum RAM is 16GB.  FAIL!!  Besides that, the directions were perfect.

OK, now I have plenty of RAM, time to purchase Diablo 3.  I am a big fan of the Diablo series.  My friends and I have played for 14 hours strait (before children) at LAN parties.  I still have my original characters.  I have to admit about not being too thrilled about logging into just to play, but I like the idea now and here’s why.  Diablo 3 is installed on both iMac and my Sager notebook.  I can play the on either computer, and have access to my characters.  So if the kids are using the iMac, I can pickup where I left off with my notebook.  WOOT!!

Some users have complained about the performance of Diablo 3 on the iMac.  I have not seen any issues with the game.  I tweaked the video settings up a little, but I didn’t go crazy with enabling every single shadow, rain drop or whatever.  I average about 80 FPS (Frames Per Second).  I doubt I would see a performace hit with multiplayer.

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Ubuntu Countdown App for Droid

Use your favorite bar code scanner app and add the Ubuntu Countdown Widget to your Droid home screen.  Bar code located near the top tight of his blog.

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Android Destroys Apple

Android robot logo.
Image via Wikipedia

I saw this posted on this moring.  Just sharing the Android love.