More Subaru Car Repairs

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Had to drop off the Subaru again at Matt Slap because the Check Engine light came on and the cruise control light is blinking.  Well they called back a day later with some news.  The car computer is giving error code PO420.  Turns out I need a new catalytic converter.  Spit-take my coffee when they said $1,700.00 to replace it.  Are you kidding!!!  I want the car fixed but not at this price.  Time to call around to some other garages and look for coupons.

Update On My Outback After Repairs

Thursday afternoon Matt Slap called with some good news.  My car raparis are complete and the cost came in $300 cheaper than expected.  Now it drives like new!  I hope to keep the Outback around for another 5 years before we sell, trade-in or scrap it.


Got a call back about the Outback.  YIKES!  I might need to sell some blood or some side computer work to cover the bill.

Car Maintanence for my 2007 Outback

I purchased my Subaru Outback 2007 with 5000 miles on it from Matt Slap Subaru in the summer of 2007.  Although I drive my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee more than the Outback, I still love that car.

My car is 11 years old with about 101,200 miles.  We want to keep it around for a few more years.  This is a great car for the kids to learn how to drive.  When it is running well, this car can really move.  It’s fast, responsive, and never been stuck in the snow (even with bad tires).  Did I mention I love this car?

My 2007 Subaru Outback Limited 2.5.

I have not kept up on the maintance as well as I use to (still love the car).  I change the oil around 5000 miles.  Other items are still factory original such as spark plugs and wires, coolant, transmission fluid, fule pump and filter, and timing belt.  The Outback is running rough (check engine light is on and it has a hugh loss of power), so I dropped it off yesterday.  Just waiting for a call.  I’m sure this will be expensive.

iPod Touch 4 Still a Great Music Player

Last week I found an old email from Apple welcoming me to my iPod touch.  This was my third Apple product I bought, and it was amazing!  It came with 32GB of storage and can play all of my games, videos, YouTube videos, and music with space to spare.  I used this as my camera on our Disney World vacation, and took it camping with me.

Last year I wiped and reset the iPod and left it on the charger for the longest time.  I had no intention of using it in my Jeep.  My music is on an SD card and I use Sirius XM or stream Apple Music when I travel.  But the last couple of days, I’ve been driving my old Subaru which does not have an SD card reader or Bluetooth.  It has a an AUX connect that works well.  So yesterday I uploaded all my music to the iPod Touch and played music on the way to work, and I’m listening a rock music playlist with some of my favorite artists including Meat Loaf, AC/DC, Van Halen, Kansas, David Bowie, David Gilmour, and Bob Seger.

My iPod Touch is still working great for music, reading email, reminders, address book, and some web sites.  Definitely one of my better purchases.

Another Bike Ride at C&D Canal

Sunday night I met up with my good friend, Mike, and had a few beers and grilled burgers and brats.  He was talking about his Boy Scout Troop going on a bike trip on the C&O Canal and would like to get in a few practice rides at the C&D Canal.  This morning we started in Delaware City, Delaware and rode to Chesapeake City and back (about 29.2 miles in 2 hours and 14 minutes).  I closed out 2 rings (Exercise and Move) and just need to close out the Stand ring.

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I had a follow-up visit with my doctor and reported I was doing well, but need to keep it up.  It is easy to stop or cut back on exercise and start eating too much.  She is right, I can feel the difference because I cut back on how much exercise I was doings and started eating too many carbs.

For September, I’m going to get back on the exercise program and continue my weight loss and strength training.  I’ve lost 40 pounds to far.  According to the BMI, I’m still considered to be obese for my height.  I need to lose another 40 pounds to be in the normal weight.