Sunset at Pike Creek

Had some time tonight to fly my DJI Phantom 3 Pro (first time in months). Sunset in Pike Creek, Delaware.

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Philmont Summer Trek Cancelled

Yesterday we received an email from the Philmont Scout Ranch announcing the closure for the 2018 summer season. Below is an excerpt from the email:


After careful consideration of the situation and available options, the difficult but prudent decision has been made that the Philmont backcountry will remain closed for treks and individual programs for the remainder of the 2018 summer season. This means that the following programs scheduled for this summer are canceled: 7- and 12-day treks; and individual backcountry programs, including Rayado, ROCS, Trail Crew, STEM and Ranch Hands.

The Ute Park fire consumed 26,387 acres of Philmont property.  As of July 6, 2018, the cause of the fire is unknown and is under investigation.

The Morris Creek fire started June 29 from a lightning strike, and has moved onto Philmont property.

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We hope the fires are contained quickly and for the firefighters to return home safely.

April Challenge – 2018

Tonight I earned my April Challenge while on a practice hike.  We also spotted a few deer, a small red fox, and a friendly Yellow Labrador Retriever.


Apple AirPods Battery Levels

I was skeptical when Apple released the AirPods back in December 2016.  I purchased the AirPods to work with my new Apple Watch Series 3, and the AirPods have worked very well except for a few minor times when Bluetooth would cut out (but I think that’s an iPhone 6S problem).

I wish I could figure out why the batteries in my AirPods show different levels.  I would be OK with it if the difference was within 3% of each pod, but not 12%.


Maybe it’s because I double tap the right pod more than the left?