Replaced 2 belts on my 2007 Subaru Outback

Today is September 8, 2019 and I still have my 2007 Subaru Outback Limited Sedan. It needs to head into the shop for a catalytic convert / exhaust issue, but the car still runs well. Since my son is a new driver, I want to ensure he won’t have any problems for the next year so I started some maintenance. (OK, my wife was complaining about the car making noise too).

So I opened the hood and checked the oil and a some other things. Everything seem to be OK, so I started the engine and went back to the front. That’s when I noticed the serpentine belts didn’t look right. Time for a quick ride to Autozone to purchase new belts.

We swapped out the belts while listening to the album Southern Rock Masters by Molly Hatchet. The job took about 40 minutes to complete and the cost was less than $27.00 USD.

The Outback still runs great! It is fast, excellent winter driving, I love the leather seats, and it plays all my music from the iPhone using the AUX cable. Only with the car came with Bluetooth.

Again, I forgot to get my GoPro out to shoot a video on something I am doing. My plan is to keep the Subaru around for 3 more years before I think about replacing it.

Happy 50th Moon Landing Anniversary

The first moon landing, Apollo 11, was on July 20 1969. Apollo 11’s crew was Neil Armstrong (Commander), Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin (Lunar Module pilot), and Michael Collins (Command Module pilot).

To celebrate, I’m listening to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and will follow up with some documentaries about the Apollo missions. Maybe I’ll watch some conspiracy theories too.

The First Moon Landing

My Moon Pics

It is a shame I can’t find the pictures I took 15 years ago when my family and I went to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Fantastic place to visit and

Fixed Power Windows Switch 2007 Silverado

Last year I purchased a 2007 Silverado 4×4 to use for my Boy Scout trips and some other truck related things. My Silverado has over 101,000 miles and is in pretty good shape. However it needs a little work.

Three of the four power windows switches were not working properly or at all. I was looking to replace them so I checked out YouTube to see what I’m in for, and I came across a couple of videos which solved my problem

John Vesely YouTube Video

1A Auto Parts YouTube Video

The whole process took about 45 minuets to complete. I didn’t replace the switches, just cleaned them with an alcohol pad and scraped off the corrosion for the contacts as John Vesely did in the first video.

All that’s left is to fix the radio or speakers, fix the airbag problem, and the front left tire pressure sensor.

Music While Driving to Remote Office

I had my iPod play all my music on shuffle on a 5 hour drive to the Virginia Beach office and several songs from the Lord of the Rings soundtrack played.  It felt like I was on a quest, carrying this new test notebook computer to test a new Active Directory (one Active Directory to rule them all).  All that was missing; my best friends, Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Elevenses, Luncheon, Afternoon Tea, Dinner, and Supper.


Outer Banks 360 Video

I love the Outer Banks (OBX)!  I visit every chance I can and hope to retire there someday.  On my last visit I took a stroll on the beach in Kitty Hawk and shot video with my brand new Insta360 One X camera.  I purchased the Bullet Kit from the Apple Store the month before and shot a few things.  It took a little time getting use to editing the photos and videos.  I shot video at Carousel Park and shot some photos while looking for a new office building.  I watched a bunch of YouTube videos discussing best practices for editing a video.  My favorite is using my spinning office chair to choose the video shots.  I have a few complaints that I’m sure will be resolved:

  • Have the accessories for us to purchase (Venture case, Drifter, Remote).
  • Enable import of videos from One X camera into MacBook Pro using the USB C port.  Don’t make me upload to a Windows PC or save the video to Photos and then AirDrop to my MacBook Pro.
  • Plugins for FinalCut Pro

The video below was shot on the Insta360 One X and edited in FinalCut Pro.  I used the One X LUT without further adjustments.

Being Lazy, Gained Weight, and not Happy About It

After my super awesome trip with the Boy Scouts on our High Adventure trip, I started to become lazy.  It didn’t happen right away.  I noticed my exercise calories started to drop in mid-November.

Not happy that I hurt myself in November.

It was during Thanksgiving weekend, November 23rd at my parents house, that I hurt

my Achilles tendon after working out on their elliptical.  I didn’t stretch properly and their elliptical machine was not as sturdy as mine.  So I had to stay off my foot for a few days.  The pain was unbearable at times.  I couldn’t sleep and wondered how long will the pain last.  It took close to a week before I could head out to do anything, and a few weeks to get back to a comfortable walking pace.  So I cut back on my exercise routine.  Didn’t cut back on my food.  I started to pick up my old habits again and didn’t care.

I started to get back into my exercise routine.  Too bad I found that I am lacking in the drive to get in better shape.  My blood pressure went up a little and so did my weight.  I do a half-ass job on the elliptical and then grab a snack shortly afterwards.  I stopped walking during lunch, stopped taking the stairs, and started to eat muffins and “fancy pastries” for breakfast.


The company I’m contracted to for IT support is going through some changes, and it is for the better.  I’m being challenged on several levels and it’s great, except for the stress at times.  Inoticed I’ve been stress eating at work or late at night.  The company sent me on a business trip to inventory IT equipment and provide support to the employees, and when it was complete I drove to the Outer Banks to stop at a brewery to pickup some beer for a buddy and me.  I purchased 4 cases of beer (2 of which were for me).

All the new clothes I purchased are a little snug, and I’m not happy about it.  Take a few pictures standing next to a 360 degree camera, and you will see how good or bad you look.

It took a few extra days, but I reached the 365 days Move Goal.

I continue to walk on Tuesday nights while my daughter is at religious education, and I hike on some Saturdays at Carousel Park.   That’s not enough, I need to get back on track!

My new goal is to see a change in my attitude towards exercise by the end of April.  I need to learn (again) not to give in to my old eating habits.  Go back to yogurt and granola for breakfast.  Continue to eat salads for lunch, and stop having seconds at dinner.  Skip beer during the week and only have one or two on Saturdays.

Being Handy

Several years ago to removed an old flourescent light fixture in my kitchen and installed a new CFL bulb and fixture.  It was a nice round fixture that used a T9 and a T12 Circline bulbs.  The bulbs should last for several years, but the don’t, and once again I have to purchase new bulbs.  Not this time.

I removed the light fixture in the kitchen and replaced it with the light fixture from our bedroom. Then I installed a new light fixture (got it from a friend) in the bedroom.  I installed new Ecosmart LED lights that use 6.5 watts of power that replace 65 watt bulbs.  Kitchen looks brighter, and the new light fixture in the bedroom looks great.

“I’m handy, now.” – Dr. Niles Craneiu