Home Remodeling

Remodeled Kitchen

After 16 years of living in Wilmington, Delaware, we finally had our kitchen remodeled! We planned to start the process in 2023, however, the dishwasher kept leaking each time it was used. We had it serviced several times and it worked well for awhile. But soon it would leak somewhere else. So we bumped up the remodel to 2022 and started the design process.

We contacted our plumber who remodeled out bathroom asking if he would be interested in remodeling our kitchen. He replied that he was not running large remodel work right now, bur referred us to another contractor who he worked with before

We met Steve and he said we can get on his schedule in October or November. He put us in contact with a cabinet company with an architect. Once we had the plans drawn up, it was just a matter or meeting with each store to order the appliances, floors, lights, and other materials. Steve scheduled us to start on November 28 and said he would be done by December 29. Below are the pictures before the remodel.

Fortunately for us, the painter Steve hired is the same painter we have used before. So we had the living room and dining room painted to match the new kitchen. Steve completed everything on time by December 23. We are waiting for the custom rain etched pattern picture window to replace the original window when the house was built. Below are the pictures of the completed work.

We are planning to hire the painter in 2023 to repaint the basement. Since I work from home full time, I spoke with Steve to bring him back as well to remodel our sunroom and convert it into my new office. It will need insulation, a heat pump, paint, and some ethernet lines installed for my desk mounted switches and Wi-Fi access.

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