Another Recall

On January 8th I received another airbag recall notice for my 2007 Subaru Outback. This time the recall is for the front passenger system. I reached out to Matt Slap Subaru to see if they had the parts for the recall. They do!! I scheduled the appointment for January 20th, added it to my personal calendar and moved on with life.

My plan for the weekend weekend before was to go on a Boy Scout camping trip and drop off the car on Sunday night so the dealer had it first thing on Monday. Too bad I slept-in, didn’t look at my phone, and had breakfast first. When I got around to my phone, I was almost 2 hours late. I called the service department and they rescheduled the appointment but could not guarantee I would have my car back on Monday. I also put in for an oil change. I received a call that evening stating all the work was completed!

Maybe they had too many complaints or the service people were in a great mood, but this is the first time in a while that getting service for the car was not a painful experience. they did their standard car inspection and they found 2 items I know I need to address: leaking power steering pump and a leak in the exhaust system.

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