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Replaced 2 belts on my 2007 Subaru Outback

Replaced 2 belts on my 2007 Subaru Outback Limited Sedan. Thanks @Autozone for having the parts in stock and saving me big bucks!

Today is September 8, 2019 and I still have my 2007 Subaru Outback Limited Sedan. It needs to head into the shop for a catalytic convert / exhaust issue, but the car still runs well. Since my son is a new driver, I want to ensure he won’t have any problems for the next year so I started some maintenance. (OK, my wife was complaining about the car making noise too).

So I opened the hood and checked the oil and a some other things. Everything seem to be OK, so I started the engine and went back to the front. That’s when I noticed the serpentine belts didn’t look right. Time for a quick ride to Autozone to purchase new belts.

We swapped out the belts while listening to the album Southern Rock Masters by Molly Hatchet. The job took about 40 minutes to complete and the cost was less than $27.00 USD.

The Outback still runs great! It is fast, excellent winter driving, I love the leather seats, and it plays all my music from the iPhone using the AUX cable. Only with the car came with Bluetooth.

Again, I forgot to get my GoPro out to shoot a video on something I am doing. My plan is to keep the Subaru around for 3 more years before I think about replacing it.

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