DYI Personal Silverado

Fixed Power Windows Switch 2007 Silverado

Last year I purchased a 2007 Silverado 4×4 to use for my Boy Scout trips and some other truck related things. My Silverado has over 101,000 miles and is in pretty good shape. However it needs a little work.

Three of the four power windows switches were not working properly or at all. I was looking to replace them so I checked out YouTube to see what I’m in for, and I came across a couple of videos which solved my problem

John Vesely YouTube Video

1A Auto Parts YouTube Video

The whole process took about 45 minuets to complete. I didn’t replace the switches, just cleaned them with an alcohol pad and scraped off the corrosion for the contacts as John Vesely did in the first video.

All that’s left is to fix the radio or speakers, fix the airbag problem, and the front left tire pressure sensor.

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