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Tweaking Linux Mint 10 Menu Buttons

Today at work, I had some free time in the afternoon and downloaded Linux Mint 10 x64 DVD.  Using my bootable PNY 8GB stick, I installed Linux Mint 10 x64 on a HP DC7900 Quad Core E8400 with 4GB of RAM and a ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT video card.  This was a stand install with nothing special.  After installing Mint 10, doing a bunch of updates, and installing the ATI drivers, i wanted to see if I could move the Window buttons to the left just like Ubuntu.

  • Open the Run Application command line (ALT+F2).
  • Type gconf-editor and click the Run button.
  • Navigate to /apps/metacity/general
  • Look for button_layout.  The default is menu:minimize,maximize,close.

The colon separates the left corner from the right.  I changed the value of button_layout to close,minimize,maximize.  You can also add a space between the buttons with the value spacer.

Button layout in gconf-editor

2 replies on “Tweaking Linux Mint 10 Menu Buttons”

George, Did you completely remove the glove box door when you replaced your cabin air filter or did you wedge it out under the space that holds the manual? Thank for helping.




I removed the glove box door, but I also removed the wedge that holds the owner’s manual. If I remember correctly, you can slide the filer out through the wedge. I have not changed my filter since I wrote the directions, but I plan on replacing the filter this spring.



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