Pinewood Derby Weigh-in 2011

Tonight was the official weigh-in for the Pinewood Derby for our Cub Scout Pack.  Track setup is Friday night after the fish fry.  Saturday is race day!! The Scouts are excited about Pinewood Derby, it is one of my favorite Cub Scout activities too.

Here are the rules Council Rules for Pinewood Derby.

  1. Cars must be contracted from official BSA Pinecar kits (BSA item #Q17006).  Under no circumstances will substitutes be allowed. The rules that are supplied with the kits must be followed.
  2. Wheels and axles must be from the official BSA Pinecar kits.  The only exception will be wheels and axles from official BSA replacement parts kits (BSA item Q17007).
  3. Wheels and axles can not be altered in any manner, except to remove burrs, casting marks, etc.  They must remain flat.
  4. Cars will not weigh more than five (5) ounces.
  5. The wheelbase of the car must not be altered in any manner.  Axles must be placed in the pre-cut slots provided on the cars.
  6. Cars must have a minimum bottom clearance of 3/8 inches. and bottom must be completely flat.
  7. The overall length of the car can not be extended in any manner.
  8. Weights may be added to the top of the car or counter sunk on the bottom.  No weights can protrude from the bottom of the car. THE BOTTOM MUST BE COMPLETELY FLAT.
  9. The only lubricant allowed is gray graphite.

My son wanted a yellow car with a pirate theme.  He did a great job with picking the cut, tracing the design on the block, sanding, painting and putting the stickers on the car.


Weigh-in was a success.  All but five Scouts brought in their cars.  About 2/3 of the cars weighed in at 5.00 ounces.  The rest were over or under by as much as 2 ounces.  Tonight we are setting up the track and hooking up the PC and projector.  I did not volunteer last year for track set-up, but this year we need to train some new people to replace the other adult leaders who are moving on after this year.

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