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Ubuntu 10.10 on my PC

Installed Ubuntu 10.10 on my Sager Notebook

On October 10th at 10:10:10 AM, I took a screenshot of the date/time of my PC running Ubuntu 10.04 using Shutter before installing Ubuntu 10.10.  I used Vuze to download the BT files for x32 and x64 versions within 15 minutes.  Since I’ve had problems in the past with running Update to install the new OS over the old, I chose to backup my home directory with the rsync command to my external USB HDD.  I’ve read, some people had problems installing Ubuntu 10.10 over 10.04.  So I was glad I backed up and installed from scratch.

My installation went smooth.  I liked the check box to install third party apps (multimedia codeces except for the DVD player).  Because of this one feature, I can no longer tell people to install Linux Mint to get all the multimedia stuff running right after install.  Please don’t misunderstand, I like Linux Mint a lot.  I installed Linux Mint 10 RC1 as a VM on my Ubuntu system.  But that’s a post for another time.

I like the purple color theme better than the orange/brown theme of the past, but I still customized my desktop.  Using Crebs (Create Background Slideshow) I created a nice 15+ Star Trek rotating wallpaper theme.  I also created a Halloween theme too.  Plus with Ubuntu Tweak I changed the GDM wallpaper to a nice artist rendition nebula and changed the Ubuntu logo to a Star Fleet one.  I didn’t bother to change the window colors, icons and sound effects yet, I’m still looking for something that will work well and easy to install or customize.  I also found one thing that has helped me out over the years for reinstalling Ubuntu and Windows, keep a text document of favorite apps and other commands that make installation easy.  For me this includes anything that I need to run at the CLI.  After all was said and done, I had everything installed, configured and data files restored within 4 hours.  No need to go back and install an application or look for a special command that enabled the Ubuntu Menu when pressing the Super key. Its all right there.  Plus I add to this text file if i make a change or find a new application that is a must have for me.

Is this a perfect 10 for Ubuntu 10.10?  No, but it feel like 9.95.  My only grip is the mouse pad stays enabled no matter if I use a USB wired or wireless mouse.  I search several posts about this issue.  And although some people had some terrific answers, none worked for me.  I can’t disable the touchpad in the BIOS either.  With Windows 7, the touchpad can be disabled using Logitech’s application.  Kind of wish Logitech would develop their software apps for Linux.  But I can’t fault Ubuntu for this.

If you haven’t tried Ubuntu 10.10, download a Live CD and try it on your PC.  I think you will be surprised with this OS.  Now if only Battlefield Heroes would work on Ubuntu.

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