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Received Second OTA Update for Motorola Droid

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On August 19th I received the OTA update from Verizonwireless which brought my Motorola Droid up to version 2.2.  This update includes the following features:

  • Speed boost:  Any Android App will run 2 – 5 times faster thanks to JIT compiler.
  • Install Android Apps to SD Card:  I would like to move all my apps from the internal phone memory and onto the card.  Guess i need to wait for the developers to update the apps.
  • Flash:  Android 2.2 natively support Flash 10.1.
  • Tethering / Portable Hotspot
  • Cloud to Device Messaging.
  • Android SDK 2.2
  • More Enterprise support

I’ve also noticed a few things right from the start after my upgrade.

  • I now have 5 home screens instead of three.
  • There is a popup menu on the home screen – deleted the Phone and Browser icons.
  • Apps menu will stay open after you close the app you were just in.
  • Camera has new controls to adjust focus, exposure, scene mode, picture size and quality, and color.  Can also include location information, white balance, flash mode and zoom.
  • Screen orientation adjusts to all four sides while in camera mode (although that may have been available before, but I don’t remember.)
  • Allow automatic updating of any app.
  • Update all apps when multiple apps require updates (currently updating 2 apps at once.)

However, I noticed all of my custom ring tone and notification sounds that I installed and assigned to contacts were removed and replaced with miscellaneous songs.  This was annoying because I had to reset about 30 contacts and add the sounds from the Star Trek Soundboard back into the database (scan bar code below.)   Also for some reason, Swype beta was not working as the virtual keyboard.  I had to remove Swype and reinstall to get it back.

While I was trying out the new OS, I installed Trillian beta for Droid.  I like the interface, but was expecting to hear sounds while I had a chat window open.  The only time it will play a sound when I receive an IM is when a new chat starts.  Hopefully they will fix that or allow additional controls through the settings menu.

Star Trek Soundboard

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