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Modified Linux Shutdown Policy running from USB

Modify Shutdown Policy for running Linux Mint from USB jump drive

Several weeks ago I installed Linux Mint 9 on my 16GB USB Corsair jump drive.  I use it at work when I need to rescue a Windows PC (save a PC running Vista twice this month).  What I didn’t like was having to authenticate my account to shutdown the PC.  The system always displayed the message System policy prevents stopping the system when other users are logged in. I always had to log off first to shutdown the computer.

I found a fix at Len’s site which solved my problem.  I am posting the modified org.freedesktop.consolekit.policy at my as a reference for myself.  Here are the step I used to fix the issue:

  1. Open terminal and type gksu nautilis
  2. Navigate to /usr/share/polkit-1/actions
  3. Right click org.freedesktop.consolekit.policy and open with gedit
  4. Scroll down to section org.freedesktop.consolekit.system.stop-multiple-users
  5. At allow_active, replace auth_admin_keeps with yes
  6. Scroll down to section org.freedesktop.consolekit.system.restart-multiple-users
  7. At allow_active, replace auth_admin_keeps with yes

Now I am able to shutdown Linux Mint running from my USB jump drive.

Thanks to Marilen Aretius Corciovei for originally posting this fix.

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