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Bootable Ubuntu 10.04 USB Stick

Using bootable Ubuntu 10.04 USB flash drive to recover data on failed Vista PC

Over the last two weeks, the client I work for had multiple power outages. The one outage broken several LCD monitors and a few PCs.  One of the PCs had Windows Vista installed.  The problem was a corrupt OS and would not boot into Vista.  Booting from Last Known Good Configuration or Safe Mode would not allow me to fix the problem.  I explained to my customer that  would repair Vista using the enterprise DVD.  Although he liked that option, he was concerned about losing his data.

No problem.  I brought up my bootable USB Ubuntu 10.04 flash drive I made a little while ago.  While it was booting my customer explained that his PC has 2 hard drives.  The primary drive contained Vista on a 40GB partition, the rest was his “D:\” drive.  The second hard drive was used to additional data storage.  My Ubuntu flash drive found all the hardware on his HP XW4600 Workstation and using GParted I verified his hard drive configuration statement.

On the second hard drive I created 2 folders,  zzz-d_drive and zzz-c_drive.  All data files my customer was concerned about were copied to the perspective folders.  After a shutdown, I disconnected the second hard drive to ensure all data files are safe.  Unfortunately the repair for Vista failed as did restoring from the last 2 restore points.  My only option was to reinstall the OS.  After installation I copied all the data files back to the “C:\” drive, the “D:\” was intact since I didn’t format that partition. 

If you don’t have a bootable Ubuntu flash drive you should take the time to create one.  For me it is a valuable tool which enables me to meet my SLAs.

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