Bike Riding

Bicycle Repaired

Bicycle Repaired

About a week ago I was riding my bicycle in my neighborhood and started and while going down hill, my bicycle started shaking.  I got off my bicycle and checked to make sure the wheels were tightly on and check the rim to see if I bent it.  What I found were the threads starting to show through the side of the rear tire.  I walked the bicycle home since I was close by and spent the rest of the week walking.

Yesterday I cleaned my bicycle and took it to Wooden Wheels for check up and purchase a new tire.  The staff at Wooden Wheels made a few adjustments including recommending and replacing the rear tire.  Plus they gave me a few pointers. 

The problem looks like a lack of air pressure for both tires.  I never bothered to purchase a pump since I live close to a gas station which provides a free air pump.  Looks like I’ll be purchasing a tire pump when I pickup a kickstand for my son.

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