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Installed Linux Mint 9

Installed Linux Mint 9 on work PC

Last week I downloaded Linux Mint 9, both x32 and x64 bit platforms using Vuze.  There were 2 different ISO formats to choose from: CDs and DVDs.  The DVDs contain additional software and wallpaper.  Kind of a waste of a DVD, but I said OK, I want all the goodies on one disc.

At work I have 2 Linux PCs, one has Ubuntu 10.04 x32 and another running Mint 8 x32.  My Mint 8 PC hosts a Windows 7 VM using VirtualBoxOSE.  I use this VM to connect to a Windows Domain to manage machine accounts.  I also user Terminal Server Client to log onto another Microsoft server for running Symantec Ghost Solution Suite.

I closed my Windows 7 VM and other active connections and proceeded to backup my data and VM to my Ubuntu PC.  The VM was about 13GB with other data files totaling about an additional 4GB.  Installed the DVD, rebooted to install Linux Mint 9.

I admit I like the slideshow better in Ubuntu 10.04 than Mint 9, but it was still informative.  Installation time was under 20 minutes on my PC.  After a quick reboot I logged onto my new Mint 9 PC.  What do I love about Mint?

  • Multimedia works right from the start.  I was able to play YouTube and QuickTime videos.
  • Color scheme and Title bar Button Layout.  I like the new color scheme Canonical went with on Ubuntu 10.04, but I like the color scheme with Mint too.  Under Control Center – Look and Feel – Desktop Settings, I can change where the Title bar buttons go.  I moved them to the left for something different.
  • I can configure the menu slab to always display my Favorites instead of what was shown last, rename the menu button to anything (I went with my PC name), show side pane or recent documents, change the column size for favorites, and install a scrollbar Places and System.

I enabled Desktop Effects and Compiz to get some of the eye candy running.  Afterwards it was a quick data transfer of my personal data back into my home folder.  I installed the following apps:

      After getting my Windows 7 VM copied back to my PC, I configure the Startup Applications to launch my Windows 7 VM when I sign onto the system using the following command:

VBoxManage startvm PCVM01WIN7

    .   For some reason I cannot connect to the VM using the PC name but I can connect by IP address.  I guess this give me something else to work on.

Bootchart records it take 14.91 seconds for the PC to boot.  Nice!

I am contemplating if I should replace my Ubuntu 10.04 x64 on my Sager notebook with Mint 9 x64.  I still have some issues with fast user switching on my Ubuntu 10.04 PCs (which I disabled using Ubuntu Tweaks), and the occasional lack of response from the OS when nothing works and I have to open Gnome-Terminal and reboot.  I think this might be an issue with NVIDIA drivers. I’m not sure if I’ll have the same issues with Mint 9.  And then there is the issue of creating a backup of the PC before I wipe off Ubuntu in favor of Mint 9.  Should I use Symantec Ghost or create the PING CD and create a backup ISO file.

Either way you should give Linux Mint 9.  Download the ISO and try the LiveCD or LiveDVD.  Always be sure to backup and verify your data is safe BEFORE wiping the HDD.

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