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Busy Spring Day

Today was very busy for our family.  I started doing laundry in the morning while the kids got ready to go out.  Michelle started our taxes and was planning on working them most of the day.  After lunch the kids and I went to Home Depot.  We purchased 4 bags of topsoil weighing in at 40lbs per bag, one 15,000 square foot bag of Scotts Turf Builder with Plus 2 Weed Control, and some Marigolds that our daughter liked. 

I was able to start the edger and trimmer with little problems, and the mower started on one pull.  I usually do the seasonal maintenance on my yard equipment so it continues to work well.  After getting all the yard work done (flowers will be planted tomorrow), I grilled hotdogs and zucchini with a little spice.

I took my son out to a local school that has several grassy hills varying in degrees to learn how to ride his bike without training wheels.  Within 20 minutes he got it down and was able to make it to the soccer field.  After an hour we headed back to the parking lot.  He was able to ride his bike almost to the car before he fell.  I’m very proud of him.  He didn’t get discouraged and wanted to keep trying until the sun went down.

Tomorrow we are riding bikes with the Cub Scouts at a local park to earn the bicycle belt loop.  Hopefully I will be able to get my car washed.  Maybe I’ll grill up some chicken or burgers.

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