Motorola Droid Personal Smartphone

One Week with the Droid

Motorola Droid Verizonwireless

About a week ago I purchase my new Motorola Droid running the Android OS 2.01.  The phone came with a two prong wall outlet which allows you to connect the short USB cable to the phone for charging, and a 16GB microSD card.  I am disappointed I didn’t receive an owner’s manual, but I was able to download one easily enough.  I’ll try to remember to post it on plug-in on the right.

I went through the standard phone activation with the Verizonwireless rep.  I made a few test calls to verify the phone was working, now I needed to connect to my Gmail account.

Setting up Gmail was easy.  All my contacts from Gmail were downloaded to my phone, and that’s when I realized my contacts in Thunderbird didn’t match what I had in my contacts list on Gmail.  Using my Droid, I modified a few settings, but this was a little slow.  I need more practice with the keyboard.  Using a PC I modified my contacts to include birthdays, multiple phone numbers, home / work addresses, multiple e-mails, and pictures.  Within a few minutes, all the information was downloaded to my Droid.

Setting up Facebook and Twitter was pretty simple too.  I can check the post from my friends, post updates (I did several of them this weekend) and upload photos.  I normally don’t text too much, but the Messaging app makes it easy to read and track a conversation.

I was amazed of the number of apps in the Market place.  Several of my friends gave me a few “must have” apps.  I’ve installed so far:

  • 3banana
  • Advanced Task Killer
  • AIM
  • Airplane Mode Wi-Fi Tool (Easy way to turn off all signals or enable Wi-Fi only)
  • Android Lightsaber (Several different Light Sabers to choose from, all sound the same)
  • BatteryTime (Nice app to tell you your battery status, also places the notification in the task bar)
  • Compass (Incase I ever get lost, can also use it for Cub Scouts Belt Loop)
  • Daily Dilbert
  • Dolphin Browser (Installed so I can use pinch to zoom)
  • Explorer (File manager for your OS)
  • Get Fuzzy
  • Google Buzz (I have a Buzz account with a few friends)
  • GPS Tracker (have not used it yet)
  • Key Ring (scan in your supermarket or store bar codes from the key rings.  Works well, but I need to adjust the brightness – check the website and video)
  • Light Racer 3D Basic (Because I always liked Tron)
  • My Tracks (Just installed and have not had time to try it out)
  • My Verizon
  • Noble Fart (Plan on having some fun on game night with my friends)
  • Star Trek Sounds (Save a sound file or two as ring tones.)
  • Star Wars Sounds (Save a sound file or two as ring tones.)
  • Tip Calculator
  • Twidroid
  • Where (Neat app that help you find local things based on your location)
  • WikiMobile
  • WordPress
  • WorldWideTime (Just to see if it matched what I see when I have multiple time zones in Linux)
  • XkcdViewer
    The only issue to date I have with the Droid was the charger.  For some reason, the plug and the USB cable died on Sunday, six days after my purchase from  I called Verizonwiereless and spoke with Technical Support.  We determined that I should go to the local store and have a technician check the phone and charger.  Within 5 minutes they diagnosed the problem was with the charger and gave me a new store brand charger – no questions asked.  The new charger is one piece with a long cord.

This is the coolest phone I’ve ever had.  I bought a holster at the Verizonwireless store last week, and plan on getting an adapter for my I-Go car charger.

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