Welcome Back CompUSA

CompUSA is back in Delaware

I guess it was back in 2008 CompUSA closed all or almost all of it’s retail stores.  Yesterday I drove by and stopped in one of their new locations in Delaware.  The store I was in use to be an Office Max for many years.  Office Max was a huge store and never too busy.  Usually you can get in and out within 5 minutes if you knew what you were looking for.  With CompUSA in there, it was the same experience – not too busy.

Sure the door just opened within the last week or two, they even have a large sign “Grand Opening.”  So I stopped in to see what they have.  It was nice to be noticed as soon as I came in.  I told the store greeter I’m just looking and if I need help I’ll ask.  Just like the old store there were plenty of items to purchase.  Display cases full of Intel core i5 chips, motherboards, CPU cases, flat screen monitors, cables with all kinds of adapters.  Of course they had televisions, camera, and other items. 

During my visit I was asked if I needed assistance four times.  Each time I said, “no I’m just looking.”  I understand the store was slow and the sales people are doing their job, but please pay attention to your environment.  If you see several sales people talking to the same customer and leaving, maybe that person is just looking and does not need assistance.  Maybe you could stand near by and be ready to help me if I ask. 

I will admit they had a good price on a Logitech mouse I was interested in.  However I found the same mouse at for a better price with a $15.00 post-purchase rebate and free shipping.  Since I have good luck with Amazon and Logitech rebates in the past, I’ll most likely purchase the mouse this weekend.

I will say good-luck to CompUSA at their new location.  I use to shop there when I lived in Pittsburgh and always recommended them to my friends.  I’m not sure I want to purchase a television from them, but I will them when I do comparison shopping.

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