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Not a Fan of Starbucks Today

Not a Fan of Starbucks Today

Tonight I dropped off my son to religious education.  Classes are about 1 hour 30 minutes long.  With drive time to and from the church to Starbucks, I have about an hour to kill.  Usually I stop in Best Buy and hangout playing Wii games or shopping for new toys.  And since my purchases are getting a little too much, I figured I would go to Starbucks with my notebook computer and have a cup of coffee.

So after purchasing a “Tall” Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte (forgot  how expensive they are) I started up my notebook to read some e-mail and catch up on a few things.  I figured this will be like the time I went to Matt Slap Subaru.  Free Internet, have a cup of coffee and get out of the house.  Well that didn’t work.

First they counter girl misunderstood my order and realized that I wanted the latte, and not some weird coffee they stop brewing at 5:00PM.  Really??  Your a coffee house.  Brew some coffee.  Whatever.  After booting my computer, the barista told me my vanilla skinny latte was up.  Before I could say anything the girl who took my order corrected her.  Then she said, “Whatever latte is up.”  Excellent customer service skills!!  If you don’t like your job, find a new one.

To top it off, that expensive latte doesn’t get you access to the Internet.  AT&T want me to pay a fee to get on-line with their hotspot.  The fee is good for 2 hours.  But I am only here for an hour at most.  All I wanted to do was catch up on some e-mail, enjoy a cup of coffee and wait for my son to finish school.  Maybe I’m just complaining for no reason, but come one… it’s 2010.  Offer free Wi-Fi to keep people coming back.  You can lock it down like your competitors.  Next time I think I’ll go to Brew HaHa or Panera Bread.  I’m almost positive they have free Wi-Fi.

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