Blizzard February 2010

Blizzard February 2010

So now I want to smack the groundhog into next winter.  Six more weeks of winter, and then well over 15 inches of snow.  As of the time I’m writing this, it’s been snowing almost 20 hours.  I spent about three hours outside with my awesome snowblower on my driveway, sidewalks, helping some of the neighbors, and playing with one of my kids.  The oldest one is sick.  I also got to enjoy a large hot cup of Donut House Collection coffee brewed from the Keurig machine. 

Today we were suppose to go to a basketball game at UDEL with the Cub Scouts today but  rescheduled for Sunday February 7th.  What??  Do they really think anyone will be there?  Do they think the roads will be clear?  Hopefully they will allow us to go to another game with the ticket we purchased.


The National Weather Service reported 25 inches of snow fell at New Castle County Delaware airport.

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