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No Size Limit on Google Chrome

No Size Limit on Google Chrome

Yesterday I was talking with another colleague about Google Chrome and why he won’t use it anymore.


Of course I was skeptical with that statement, but his HDD was running out of space – fast.  On my Windows 7 computer I checked Google Chrome on my PC and I’m using about 350MB of cache.  Well, that’s a drop in the bucket on a 160GB HDD, but left unchecked, I can see it growing to several GB in no time.  Nowhere can I find an option to set the size limit of my cache folder.  I checked IE 8 and Firefox 3.5.3 and both can be configured to any size I want.  My cache settings for both browsers is set for 50MB.

The same can be said on my Ubuntu PC.  I can’t set a cache size limit in Google Chrome.  I can set the cache size of Firefox 3.5.2 and Opera 10.10 to 50MB each.

Why would Google want me to fill my HDD with Internet cache?  Do they want me to remember empty my cache on every time I start or close Chrome.  This is a basic function of every browser that I’ve used.  Talk about poor programming or short-sightedness on their part.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if they do this so people (largely those who don’t know what a cache is) think that Google Chrome actually loads pages faster than other browsers, when in fact all it is doing is relying on cached files.


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