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Thunderbird 3

Like many out there, I migrated from Thunderbird 2.23 or whatever version came with Ubuntu 9.10 to Thunderbird 3 the day it was released.  The upgrade went painlessly for the most part.  I also installed Thunderbird on my Linux Mint 8 USB jump drive.  I really enjoy this new version, and must say it’s about time for an update.

Since the initial migration from Evolution to Thunderbird, I’ve never considered moving back.  Thunderbird 3 is solid, reliable, multi-platform (Mac, Linux, and Windows), easy to use, and has a clean interface.  I’ve installed the following add-ons: Quicktext 0.9.10, Silvermel 1.3 (theme), Lightning 1.0 pre, and Provider for Google 0.6 pre (both had to be download from Mozilla FTP site).  Everything installed with no problems, and since I already had Quicktext installed before, all my signatures imported easily.

I think my only gripe, like almost everyone, Lightning should be included by default with Thunderbird. Why have an e-mail client without a calendar plugin?

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