Windows 7

Steelers Desktop Theme for Windows 7

Steelers Desktop Theme for Windows 7

Last night I was playing around with Windows 7 and decided to make a Desktop Theme dedicated to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  You can find the theme in my plugin on the sidebar of this blog.   Download Pittsburgh Steelers Win7 to your Windows 7 PC.

Please note the theme was made on Windows 7 Enterprise.  I’m not 100% sure if it works on other versions of Windows 7.  I might try it on my Windows Vista PC at work.
I’m really staring to like Windows 7.  I think there is some real good quality in this product.  I still prefer Ubuntu Linux as my OS of choice, but I think I will install a VM on my new PC and run both.


I posted a new Steelers Windows 7 theme.

14 replies on “Steelers Desktop Theme for Windows 7”

On the right hand column of the blog, there is a applet called My Shared Files from The Steelers theme should be the second one listed. If you are still having problems, I’ll see if I can post the link to the file within the blog entry.

— George


Your welcome! I am still looking for new wallpaper to update the desktop theme, but I haven’t found anything that I really liked.



I would like to update the theme but I haven’t a wallpaper that I really like. Hopefully I can find one soon. I want to setup a desktop theme using Crebs on my Ubuntu system.



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