Oil Change and Free WiFi

When I was growing up(in the 80’s) back in a suburb of Pittsburgh, we always performed basic auto maintenance with my father.  We had a garage, a whole range of tools, and hot coffee or chocolate.  Plus bonding time with dad.  Sometimes the jobs were easy, sometimes it required several trips to the local auto parts store.  It was a good experience learning how automobiles worked, how to maintain them, and to understand what is being explained to you by the mechanic when jobs were too big for work at home.

Today I am having the oil changed and wiper blades replaced on my 2007 Subaru Outback. Since I don’t have a garage, all the tools needed, and time is always short, I bring my 2007 Subaru Outback to Matt Slap (where I purchased it) for basic maintenance.  I still get to have the cup of coffee, maybe watch TV, look at the new cars on the lot, but today I am trying out Linux Mint 7 (booting from my 16GB USB flash drive) on the free Wi-Fi while writing this blog entry.  With my coupon from Matt Slap my total will be $24.95.  I guess that is average price for our area.

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