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Windows 7 Release Party

Windows 7 Release Party

One of my best friends, Ron, who I’ve had the pleasure to work with for about 10 years in the IT field is having a Windows 7 Release party at his house.  Since we both moved on to different companies, it’s been difficult to meet up with him.  Ron is one of the best guys I know in IT.  His skill set is strong, if he doesn’t know the answer to a problem, you can bet he will research it until he get a solution, and his customer service skills are second to none.

So I accepted his invitation to attend his Win 7 Release party.  I asked Ron what he is going to demonstrate.  Ron said, the multi-media features, how to navigate around the OS, hook up different devices, how to configure wireless, and answer questions.  I asked if he will be able to show the updated BSOD and if I should bring a Linux USB or CD to help recover his PC.

I am looking forward to seeing the final product.  I prefer Ubuntu and Mint 7, but I will need to be up to speed with Windows 7.  It will only be a matter of time before the client migrates from Windows XP / Vista to a supported OS.  All in all it should be a good time.

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