The Circus was in Town

This weekend the Cole Brothers Circus was in our area.  I took the family to the 1:30 PM show on Sunday.  The last time we went was August 2006.  We were able to get free tickets for the kids with 2 adult ticket purchases.  Getting there took no time – glad I took the Subaru Outback since everyone had to park in the grass field.  After all the rain we had from Hurricane Bill it was going to be pretty wet and muddy.

Our seats this year put us next to the entrance of the animals when the arrived and left the ring.  The best shows for us to see from our viewpoint; the Toprasta Troupe from Columbia performing the three-tier 7 man pyramid on the high wire, the elephants, jugglers, acrobats, Aerial Ballet on Streaming Silks, and the dogs and pony review.  The rest of the shows were in the center ring; 3 motorcycles in the Globe of Death, other acrobats, clowns, camels, and dancers.

It was very hot and humid “under the big top” for everyone – except for the camels.  We enjoyed our circus treats and took some pictures of the family and attractions.  Most of the pictures didn’t turn out as well as I would like, but a few are attached at the end of this post.

Leaving  the circus was as painful as leaving a Catholic Church on Easter Sunday.  One thing I like about my Outback – it has a timer for letting you know how long you’ve been behind the wheel driving (or in our case sitting in the field waiting).  We did not get onto the road until 29 minutes after starting the car.  The problem – poor traffic management and a few cars stuck in the mud.

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