Windows Vista Work

Running NetMeeting in Vista Update

Update for running NetMeeting in Vista

So Wednesday July 22nd came and I attended the company meeting using NetMeeting in Vista.  Everything was going well at first, but then our manager had a document written in Excel 2007 and he was running Office 2003.  Although he had the Office 2007 Compatibility program installed some features were not available, such as clicking on a link in a chart to open the sheet which displayed additional information.

So he asked who has Office 2007, which I do, but I can’t share my Desktop or application in NetMeeting within Vista.  Solution… email everyone a copy of the Excel document and have everyone follow along manually.  Now to resolve that issue on a more permanent fix, I will install Office 2007 on my XP PC.  So when asked in the next meeting when my manager asks “who can resolve my problem”, I’ll be ready.

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