Windows Vista Work

Running NetMeeting in Vista

Running NetMeeting in Vista

My employer uses NetMeeting 3.0x in Windows XP to hold bi-weekly meetings.  This is all good in all and runs well, but I have Vista on my PC at work and guess what, it doesn’t come with NetMeeting.  Meeting Space is standard with Vista. So I spent my lunch searching for a solution to my problem.  This is what I found and it works.

  • Download a version of NetMeeting from this link.
  • Right click the file and select Properties (see picture below)
  • Click on the Compatibility Tab
  • Enable the check box for Compatibility Mode and select Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 5
  • Click Apply and OK buttons.

Now run the file and complete the installation of NetMeeting 3.0x.  One feature that is not available is Remote Desktop Sharing. This is OK if you don’t have to host a meeting or share a program, but if you do than you out of luck.  Some people has stated you need version 3.02 in order to enable Remote Desktop Sharing.  I was able to get a copy of NetMeeting 3.02, install it on my Vista PC, and still cannot enable Sharing of applications.

Net Meeting 3.01 Properties

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