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Microsoft Contributes to Linux Kernel

Microsoft Contributes 20,000 lines of code to Linux Kernel

I wonder, with Microsoft‘s contribution to the Linux kernel, will I get to experience BSOD in Ubuntu?  One of the reasons I moved to Linux was to get away from Microsoft.  Microsoft products are a fine choice for some people, and heck I like Microsoft Office on Windows XP, but I wonder what the ramifications will be now they have 20,000 lines of code in the kernel.  Today it is device drivers to allow Linux to run as a virtual machine on top of Hyper-V environment (Microsoft’s hypervisor and implementation of virtualization), tomorrow a new Microsoft Linux distro which will crash constantly, require anti-malware software , and one that will allow attackers to exploit a security hole in ActiveX.


I was going back through my blog and remember an entry I made about Microsoft Office being available for Linux.  Maybe I should be careful of what I wish for.

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