Historic Cold Spring Village

Historic Cold Spring Village

During our family vacation to Avalon NJ, we stopped at Historic Cold Spring Village in Cape May, NJ.  After going through the Welcome Center, the children went for a horse drawn wagon ride.  Everyone got a change to pet Levi the horse and feed the sheep.

From there we walked the village and toured the Marshville Schoolhouse (the tour guide for the schoolhouse was fantastic…lots of information and very enthusiastic) , the Pottery Shop where we saw a demonstration on how to make a bowl, checked out the Dennisville Inn, walked through the Lewis Corson Gandy Barn, enjoyed a nice presentation at the Spicer Leaming House on cooking and baking (the instructor was making a wineberry cake during her presentation), and bought candy and other items at the Village Store. They had a demonstration at the David Taylor Shop on basket weaving, and the leather-smith was making belts to be sold at the Village Store.

Unfortunately many of the buildings were not open (my father wanted to see the John Finley Blacksmith shop, but he was not in) or the guides were out for lunch.  Since I was planning on grilling bratwurst, hamburgers, and hotdogs for dinner, we decided not to stop for dinner at The Grange Restaurant.

2008 Chronicle Pg  2 (Map)

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