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Downloading Who’s Line is it Videos from YouTube

Downloading Videos from YouTube

One of my favorite TV shows was “Who’s Line is it Anyway” from ABC.  I was bummed the show was cancelled several years ago, and never thought too much of it since then.  About two weeks ago I was on YouTube and found clips from Who’s Line.  After watching a few of them, I decided to download the video to my Linux PC and move the video into the path /home/george/Video/YouTube/Whos Line.  However, the YouTube down is not installed with Ubuntu.  You need to install the file from the universe repository using the following steps:

  • Open a Terminal Window
  • enter without quotes “sudo apt-get install youtube-dl”
  • enter your password

Leaving the Terminal Window open, you can down run the command youtube-dl <url address of the video>.  In a few minutes the file will download to your /home directory as a .flv file.  Now I hate the fact when the file downloads the title of the file make no sense to me what so ever.  If you change the command to youtube-dl -l <url address>, the title of the video will be inserted into the file name.  To see the list of other parameters for downloading videos type youtube-dl -h.

2 replies on “Downloading Who’s Line is it Videos from YouTube”

if u watch a video on youtube the file stays on the disk, u should look in the /tmp/ directory, thats how i save the insteresting videos!!



You are correct some of the files did stay in my cache directory. However, not all of them were available from the videos I watched last night. For me it is easier to open Terminal, enter the command youtube-dl -l and have the video with the video title in the file name. Plus with Terminal, you can up arrow to display the previous command and replace the previous url with the new url.


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