Be Happy at your Job

Today I was mowing the lawn before heading out with my family for a day of fun.  When I finished mowing the front, I heard this home improvement contractor complaining about my neighbor; “Yes Mrs D…Yes Mrs. D.”  Then he asked me; “Do you have an extra bullet?”  Of course I looked at him and said no.

All I could think while putting my mower away was that guy is a jerk.  He was doing a nice job with power washing the cement walls for the foundation, filling in all the cracks, and painting with a tinted waterproof paint.  It was looking really good that I though about asking him for a quote, but after listening to him complain, I’ll look around for someone else.

If you don’t like your job, find another line of work.  Don’t complain about your customers, you never know if you next potential customer is observing you or your work.

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