Digital Camera Video

Purchased New Digital Camera

Pictures with my new camera

Well I purchased the Canon SX10 IS camera from Best Buy on Thursday.  I took some initial pictures with the camera set to Auto. I plan on reading the owners manual this weekend and will see about this free class at Best Buy on how to use the camera.

Swing set front right
Swing set front right
Swing set left side
Swing set left side
Tree and sky
Tree and sky

I did not purchase a travel bag on Thursday.  I wanted to see about getting the Lowepro SlingShot 100 bag to hold this camera and the camcorder I purchased several years ago.

Because my PC and my external USB 1.1 card reader is old I did not purchase the 4 GB SDHC card.  Instead I got a 2-pak of 2 GB SD cards from SanDisk.  If I do get my PC in October, I will upgrade to the SDHC cards.

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