Replaced Most of the Power Sockets and Light Switches

Replaced power sockets at home.

They other day I stopped at Home Depot to pick up a box of ten 15 A – 125V white power sockets to replace the old 2 prong brown outlets that came with the house 40 years ago.  The new outlets have the standard three prong receptacles.  Which makes life easier.  So many electrical unit come with a three prong plug, that I had to use a plug converter to get by.

To verify the ground was connected, I used my Tripp-Lite isotel 4 surge suppressor which has an indicators for Protection Present, Fault, Line OK.  All the receptacles reported no faults.  I know there are better tools for testing, but this worked for now.

I still have to replace three more in the second bedroom and purchase another box of ten with covers for the master bedroom, several in the kitchen, the bar, and the laundry room.

I also replaced four old brown light switches with white 15A – 125V switches, replaced three 60 watt cadesent light bulbs with the last three 13 watt compact fluorescent bulbs.  When I pick-up the additional power sockets, got to remember to buy another pack of the 13 watt CF bulbs.

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