Holiday Weekend

The family and I had a great Memorial Day weekend.  The weather was nice and warm with no rain (which they called for), the kids had a great time hanging out with their friends playing on the inflatable water slide, plus great food too.

I finished the rock wall for the swing set and now need to send back the tools my Dad let me borrow.  Although I did not get a chance to ride my bike, I did complete the cleaning and maintenance of the Craftsman lawn tractor.  I removed the mower deck and removed the old grass clumps.  Now I am going to sell it.  After all, my yard is only about .25 acres and the gas power push mower is perfect.

I grilled Filet Migon wrapped in bacon again with hotdogs, baked potatoes, peas, and enjoyed a nice cold beer too.  The kids had Popsicles for dessert and I just enjoyed being at home.

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