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Logout Icons on Ubuntu Desktop

A few weeks ago I created a new user on my Ubuntu 9.04 system for guests who come to visit and wanted to use my PC.  I modified the guest account and locked it down, but I wanted to make it a little easy for my guest with a logout icon on the desktop.  So after searching the Internet I came across a command the will log-off the guest account without asking for a password if you use the sudo command.

I right-clicked on the Desktop and select Create Launcher.  I left the file type as Application, gave it the name Logout, and entered this command gnome-session-save –logout fig 1.  But the default icon looks terrible, and does not convey to my guests this is a log out icon.  I have the Infinity theme pack (which I read about a few weeks ago at this site) installed and I used the logout icon located at /usr/share/icons/infinity/scalable/apps fig 2.

So now anyone who uses my PC can login with the guest account and enter the password.  They have access to Firefox so they can read and their web based e-mail, or access anything else on the Internet.

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