Windows Vista Work

The New Job

Well it’s been a few days, and I can say I really like my new job!  First all the building is nice, probably the nicest build I’ve ever worked in.  I work in a cube on the first floor, with a nice big window looking over a nice patch of grass with a walkway.  I an only a few cubes from the free coffee, which is a bonus in my opinion.  After all, I love having coffee while at the computer.  I think it is a little weak, but hey, it’s free and I have a big cup from Krispy Kremes.

The client gave me a HP Elitebook 2530 with Vista (which I am going to see if I can dump it for XP or maybe Linux, but we’ll have to see), plus 8 other PCs running Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7.  All the PCs are connected by Belkin KVM switches.  The guy I replaced fixed a HP 4250 Laser Printer and left it connect to the network in the cube.  So I don’t have to go far for my print outs.

I am supporting 450 PCs which are connect to GCMS and LCs.  I can’t get into more detail, but it is a cool assignment.  There is also a chance to learn and support Linux in a production environment.

One downside is the building is shielded from all outside radio signals, so I can’t receive calls on my cell.  I tried to get the phone right up against the windows, but there was no signal.  They installed an AT&T micro cell to cover the service the client uses.  So now I have to check my voice messages during lunch, which is no big deal, but I still like to answer the phone when someone calls.

All in all, I think this was a smart move for me.  I am closer to home, making a few extra dollars, and doing something I like.  So hopefully I will be here for a few years, and gain a ton of experience.

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