Moving On

A few weeks ago I received a call from a recruiter stating how I would be a great fit for a new opportunity.  I was about ready to tell him I was not interested at this time because I was on assignment with my employer, but he said a few things that caught my attention.  So I said, “Wow, we need to talk.”  We scheduled an interview for the next day after 6:00 PM.  The interview went well, almost too well.  After the phone interview, I continued on with my evening.

The next day, the recruiter called back and offered me the position as Windows/IT Support Specialist II.  I accepted the offer and started my paperwork.  I also spent the weekend thinking about this decision, and was it the correct decision to make for my family.  Needless to say I submitted my resignation to my employer, and I am ready to move into a new direction with my career.

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