Dropbox Ubuntu

Ubuntu One

A few weeks ago I installed Dropbox on my Ubuntu 9.04 PC, and it works great.  Now I see Canonical is releasing Ubuntu One to the world (which is still in beta as of this writing.)  I’m not sure if I want to swict from Dropbox, which Ican use on just about any PC to Ubuntu One, which I can only with with Ubuntu 9.04.  I’m sure the software works fine for a beta release, and the storage options are the same as Dropbox, but why would I want to limit myself?

Maybe I am not seeing the bigger picture from a user’s stand point, I can see their picture, making some bucks, which is fine.  I have no problem with it.  Sometimes you need to get paid to continue the work.  I would feel better if I could use Ubuntu One on other PCs with other Linux distros, Mac, or even Windows.  After all, not everyone has Ubuntu Linux, or Mac OS 10.5, or Windows XP / Vista.  I felt a chill writing the “V” word.

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