A Nice Weekend

The weekend went very well for us.  I was up early on Saturday for a bike ride.  The ride was only 7 miles because I had to finish cutting the lawn.  I have a total of 9 bags of grass clipping and weeds that I pulled.  Of course they will be sent to the recycling center this week. 

I then grilled Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon, extra large shrimp and green squash.  For dessert we had Rita’s Strawberry MargaRita Italian Ice.  Everyone had a nice time running around the yard, and enjoying the weather.

On Sunday I cleaned out the sun-room, tossed junk from old work assignments, and shredded a ton of other miscellaneous stuff.  We finished off the weekend by grilling burgers, hotdogs, the rest of the shrimp, and the Rita’s Italian Ice

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